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Distance Education in India:


Nowadays every individual is busy in his or her busy schedule life. Most of them do not have an extra time to adjust the time of study by going to schools, colleges, and universities. Online learning is providing best chance and opportunities for those students who cannot fix their time to study in their busy time. Students who are searching for best career choice and study plan online learning is providing the platform for study. Students without sacrificing can get best solutions to their problems through online networking sites. 


Difference between online education and traditional education is that students who cannot afford too much fee of their universities they start learning online. Distance learning is t is one of the best work options which boosts the employability. The number of universities is providing distance education learning programs in India. 

Best Universities for Distance Education:


In India, the number of universities is providing various distance education learning programs. Most of the time it is difficult for students to judge the that which institute is better for learning. Hyderabad and madras are most prominent universities which are providing distance education learning programs in India.  Bangalore center for NEET is providing online courses, mock test, and test preparation methods for students in different programs.



  •    Symbiosis center for distance learning
  •    Institute of management studies
  •    Indira Gandhi national open university
  •    Delhi university school

Symbiosis Center for Distance Learning:

Symbiosis center for distance learning which is called (SCDL) is one of the largest and award-winning distance learning institutes which was started in 2001. This institute provides postgraduate diploma and diploma certificate programs for students. MBA which is the most popular program in India it provides specialized programs in the relationship of customer management, management accounting, finance, marketing, operations, and HR.


Institute of Management Studies:


Institute of management studies which is called (IMT) is one of the top school of business in India. It offers various courses under the center of distance education learning programs. It offers a wide range of courses and syllabus in the field of management and information technology. It also offers 1-year PG diploma classes in business administration. 


Indira Gandhi National Open University:


Indira Gandhi national open university is one the largest university in India which provides best distance learning programs. This university is offering programs in all those areas where higher education is allowing legally and possible for students.


Delhi University School:

Delhi university school is another distance learning institute. It is one of the second largest university of distance education which offer the only limited number of bachelor and master courses in arts, commerce, Hindi, and the political science subject.